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Synergy lag - only one way

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I recently added new machine (Dell Vostro) to my network as client. Other clients run smooth with synergy, but when on this client I'm getting insane lag. Other machines are ok.

I'm running 1.11.0-stable-b2173efb version of Synergy 1 Basic on all machines. Server and all clients are windows 10.

What Ive tried already:

  • Ive tried lowering cursor speed on client and server - didn't work.
  • Setting priority in task manager to real-time - didn't work
  • Ive set elevate to alway on both machines - didn't work
  • Ive set clipboardSharing to false - didn't work
  • Ive tried different mouse - didn't work

Whats more crazy is that when i swith the devices, and make the new device a server (connecting the same keyboard and mouse to it) and make my old sever an client, everything runs just fine. 

Any ideas ?


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