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Continuum Switching for Windows 10

Alexander Gordon Taylor

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Alexander Gordon Taylor
Hi All. This is a Windows issue more than a Synergy one, but I thought I'd check in case someone has a bright idea. Windows 10 has a new feature they call Continuum for hybrid devices, the theory being that if you detach a keyboard it automatically selects tablet mode, and then selects desktop mode when you reattach a keyboard. I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, this works very well switching when removing the keyboard cover to use as a tablet. However, in my office I work from my linux desktop as Synergy server, and the SP3 hybrid as a client using the full size keyboard. I assume that because there is no physical keyboard attached, it remains in tablet mode. My question is whether it is feasible to have a setting in the Synergy client that enables whatever it is that windows sees as the signal that a keyboard is attached.
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