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I want the best of both Synergy 1 and 2


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I keep going back and forth between using Synergy 1 and 2. Mostly, I want to share the mouse and keyboard from either of my 2 computers and the reliability of clipboard sync that Synergy 2 has. (Synergy 1 has to be restarted/reapplied often to fix the clipboard sync.) But Synergy 2 has no configuration options and no way to turn it off temporarily for gameplay and its monitor alignment jumps all over the place.
Is there a status on when Synergy 2 will be prime time again?

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Synergy 2 (per se) may not be released, but the question regarding start/stop is certainly valid. BTW, what operating system(s) are you using?

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8 minutes ago, PJR said:

My 2.012-beta was working yesterday and not today - Why?

No idea, @PJR. Some details would help -- like the problem and the operating systems. Please open this under a new thread... thanks!

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