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Sticky shift key when pushing down both shift keys

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I just found a little bug I've been dealing with the last few weeks. Finally have a way to reproduce this:

From time to time I notice that my shift key got "sticky". What this means is that whenever I use my mouse to click something, the shift key is pushed down simultaneously as if I would still hold down shift.

This happens most of the time when I type/code very fast on my keyboard which got me thinking...

Here's now a way to reproduce this bug:

  • hold down left shift key
  • additionally hold down right shift key
  • now let go of left shift key
  • let go of right shift key

Synergy now thinks you still hold down shift which causes "shift+click" on normal clicks.

This can also be reproduced the other way around: right + left + release right + release left

Hope there's an easy fix for this behavior as I tend to sometimes push down both shift keys when typing fast and this bug drives me nuts ;)

Besides this: This tool is the best thing that happened to my PCs, love it!


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Well, found another tool in the meantime which works perfectly and actually is free for non-commercial use.
Probably wouldn't have paid for Synergy Pro if I knew there was no support or feedback in forums.

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