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New software tune - allowing 2nd keyboard and trackpad


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May I first say that I have been using this software for sometime now and cannot explain how it has changed my life. I cant even describe to most people what I have setup as a home computer station. I currently have synergy 2.0.12 using an array of two laptops and a msi gaming desktop, along with an occasional macbook over the years. 

Mechanical Engineering background has steered alot of my need for this software and its continued development where I would love to design code and help this team but I haven't ever enjoyed coding... but I would if possible.

Question Information: 

I am looking to gain deeper support for a secondary pcs.

When i use the "shared-from" mouse and keyboard on my primary desktop then mouse and keyboard the software works in order when engaging to 2nd systems connected.

When I touch the keyboard and type on my laptop as I occasionally due still using the primary "share-from" pc - the mouse location will reset to the center of the "share-from" pc screen.


anyway to get support for this issue?



P.S sorry im bad at English :)


John Muter 



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