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Is there anything I can do to get caps lock passed to Macbook so that Karabiner works?

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I use Karabiner and Hammerspoon on my mac to remap the caps lock key. On my macbook, it works as expected. Via Synergy, the caps lock mapping does not work / it gets treated as caps lock. Anything I can do to address this?

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Bumping this up - I don't understand why the caps lock is being passed in a way that Karabiner does not recognize it and instead works as a caps lock

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I ran into this problem recently. What I have discovered is that for Karabiner to work, it has to have a keyboard under Devices to attach triggers/functions to.

Synergy is not appearing there as a keyboard, it sends it commands and keypresses directly to the OS, thus bypassing Karabiner completely.

This applies to all keys, not only CapsLock.

One solution would be to present synergy as a virtual keyboard of sorts so Karabiner can see it. OR change how Karabiner works so it can detect the keypresses in some othe way.

I think either solution is (guessing here) not easy to implement.

That said, it sure is on my wishlist.

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