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Custom scroll direction for client

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My Mac is set to have "natural scroll direction" on the trackpad (scroll down moves things up), and I use Scroll Inverter to make my mouse behave as it does traditionally (scroll down goes down), that worked fine until I started using Synergy. The problem is that my mouse is inverted by Scroll Inverter so it's now `natural`, which is not what I like. 

I learned that I can switch modifier keys to unify my Mac & PC experience and that was pretty cool, so I'm wondering if Synergy can add an option to invert scroll direction for client?

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I have the same set up, with my mac hosting and using scroll reverser to only reverse mouse scrolling, and I notice the same deal on windows in client mode. I'd love to be able to customize this in synergy as well.

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@Keno I may be misunderstanding, but I'm on 1.14.4 and when I use my mouse from a macOS server to a Windows client, the scroll inversion is not being applied. I see that there is a setting in the release notes for 1.14.3 to invert the scroll on a client, but that inverts both the trackpad and the mouse. I'm using Mos on my Mac so that I have natural scroll on the trackpad and inverted scroll on the mouse, and would like those settings to be respected when using my peripherals on the client. Is that possible?

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