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Can Synergy extend Windows 10 to Android Tablet?


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Been successfully using Synergy across three wired computer in my office, but am doing some road presentations and would like to use my DELL E6420 with W10 with an ACER Tablet running Android as a second monitor.  Could set up a wireless / bluetooth connection between the two.
Can Synergy do this?  Is there an Android component as well?   Or do I need to use something like iDisplay?


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You're actually over thinking a little.

All you need is one of the several packages, like iDisplay, that will let you use your Android device as a secondary display.  Since they are "just" a second display, Windows native mouse/keyboard handling is all you need.  There are a number of packages, all with slightly different ways of working and their own advantages/disadvantages. My preference has been one of the ones that uses a wired connection -- less lag, no wifi or bluetooth issues, and I can use the laptop as a charger for the tablet.

While I've never tried to use it, there is an early effort of a Synergy port to Android.  But that would let you control your Acer tablet with the mouse/keyboard attached to your Dell -- instead of using your Acer tablet as a second monitor.

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Thanks Albert!
Was looking for some direction and you have provided.
Will need to make this a Bluetooth connection as I need the tablet several feet away from the base laptop.
Thanks Again for the info - Appreciated!!

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