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The current state of Mac Catalina compatability?

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I had Syngery 2 for a few years but had the usual problems when Catalina came out. Now I rarely use my Mac so the last time I touched it was months ago, before the OS was out of Beta. I fired it up yesterday to prepare for upcoming use, I was able to get Synergy 1 working fine on whatever Beta version I had at the time and proceeded to get my Mac up to current (10.15.3) not knowing of lingering issues. Now it just sits like a lump, it will not do anything when I try to start it and it shows as "application not responding" in the launcher area.

The last words on the topic seem to be from last year. I read the temporary fix section but I see no option for "run" when I right click it, only "open", which results in it doing a potato impression. I have tried doing the uninstall and reinstall per the instructions with no luck. I cant even do a proper ticket since I have no logs and 10.15 is not even available in the system drop down despite being "fully supported" according to the requirements page.

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