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Unable to use Client when Server is locked


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My company's tech support guy just gave me 2 new workstations;

I installed v1.11-stable on both (server and client), no problem with the config or the connectivity.

My problem: When my server workstation is locked, I'm unable to use the client workstation.

I turned on the debug log and came across this:

DEBUG: Unable to leave screen as Windows security has disabled critical functions required to let synergy work


Does anyone know which "critical functions" should be enable in order to allow access to the client when the session on the server is locked ?


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That its expected, the disabled function are Windows core function that cannot be enabled. We believe this is to prevent applications from snooping on password being typed into the machine at login.

I implemented this as prior to that the mouse and keyboard got locked in the ether as synergy thought it had the mouse but actually didn't and synergy deadlocked unable to control either machine.

Synergy will attempt to leave the screen but if it detects the lock down it will refused to move to prevent the deadlock situation.

From my testing I believe synergy will work when the Windows server is locked as long as the password box is not visible. But there is a chance the deadlock may still occur if the password box then becomes visible so i recommend setting up a Synergy restart hotkey as that resets synergy and clears the deadlock

The original bug

The fix for that bug This is what your experiencing.


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So, I understand that to avoid the deadlock situation it's impossible to move to the client when the server's session is locked.  That's understandable.

In my case both client and server's OS is Windows 8.1

What's bugging me it that when locking my session (Win+L) on the server, the session on the client is still running.

Would it possible to implement a feature to synchronize the locking state on the client when the server is locked?

My workaround as of now is a shortcut in Synergy server to execute C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation on the client through a shortcut create on the client.



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