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Debian 10 (Buster) - Connected properly but not working

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I am trying to run Synergy 1 pro  on two machines both running Debian 10 (Buster). The client and server are configured correctly and establish connection properly. However none of the functionality works - neither the mouse nor the keyboard inputs are registered. 

Server Log:

[2020-02-17T00:23:02] INFO: starting server
[2020-02-17T00:23:02] INFO: config file: /tmp/Synergy.zkYwDF
[2020-02-17T00:23:02] INFO: log level: INFO
[2020-02-17T00:23:02] NOTE: started server, waiting for clients
[2020-02-17T00:23:38] INFO: accepted secure socket
[2020-02-17T00:23:38] INFO: network encryption protocol: TLSv1.3
[2020-02-17T00:23:38] NOTE: accepted client connection
[2020-02-17T00:23:38] NOTE: client "ly5" has connected

Client Log:

[2020-02-17T00:23:38] INFO: starting client
[2020-02-17T00:23:38] INFO: config file: /tmp/Synergy.WtOdBJ
[2020-02-17T00:23:38] INFO: log level: INFO
[2020-02-17T00:23:38] NOTE: started client
[2020-02-17T00:23:38] NOTE: connecting to [OMITTED]
[2020-02-17T00:23:38] NOTE: server fingerprint: [OMITTED]
[2020-02-17T00:23:38] INFO: connected to secure socket
[2020-02-17T00:23:38] INFO: server tls certificate info: /CN=Synergy
[2020-02-17T00:23:38] INFO: network encryption protocol: TLSv1.3
[2020-02-17T00:23:38] NOTE: connected to server

I have tried:

- Disabling TLS

- Rebooting both systems

- Reinstalling Synergy on both systems

- Purging config files from tmp and manually configuring


I have also encountered the following unusual behavior:

- System tray icon does not work (issue described here).

- When using applications in full screen mode (VLC, viewing Discord stream) the application registers the cursor entering/leaving screen but nothing happens on the client.  


I would appreciate some help in this matter. Thanks.

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