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Centos 7 1.10 TLS Issue


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I've just added a CentOS 7 system and installed Synergy 1.10.0 (Build date 8/2/18.) This is what I got from yum. The server computer is a Windows 10 box running 1.10.3 (Build date 9/3/19.) All my other systems including a Mac are working fine. When I switch screens to the Linux system the mouse just sits there and shakes. I can't move it. Then the mouse jumps back to the Windows system and the Linux synergy box shows "failed to connect to the server. server is not responding." Then it immediately reconnects again. It's fine as long as I don't move the mouse back to the Linux system, but that would defeat the purpose. If I disable TLS encryption under the settings on both systems it works fine so this is clearly a TLS issue. Any ideas how to resolve this? Thank you.

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Not trying to be a jerk here, but the solution may be to disable TLS. I've seen this symptom too between Mac and some Linux distros, and that's how I solved it. Truth is, I think TLS encryption is kind of overkill on a K/M sharing package anyway, and I'm not sure the overhead's worth the security enhancement, but that's strictly my opinion and I respect those who feel otherwise. 

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