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distinction between synergys.exe and synergyd.exe


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As part of my 'upgrade' to Windows 10 (actually, its been pretty smooth, by and large), I also did a minor point update to Synergy (to 1.11.0 stable). Everything seems to work fine (I've paired my Win 10 machine with my CentOS Linux box), but I've noticed that there are 2 difference 'synergy-related' processes running on the WIn 10 machine: synergys.exe, and synergyd.exe. 

Can someone tell me what the distinction is betweeen the two, and if (in fact) both should be running? 


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Daniel Alarcon

@cooch17  This is normal Synergy setup, you can get up to 4 Synergy processes:

synergys.exe (background Synergy service, you can find this in Windows services under Synergy).

synergyd.exe (it's triggered by the synergys.exe service, this will run the main Synergy libraries required by Synergy).

synergy.exe (the UI Synergy app).

synergyc.exe (Synergy opens this when running as a client).

Let me now if this answers your question.


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