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win server 2012 upgrade: synergy-specific firewall rules


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Hi all,

Been using the same installation of Synergy since 2014 (still on 1.8.2), on an HP sever box with four network cards (4 local IP addresses), each IP is for a separate PC. Thus, Synergy is used to control 4 PCs and one server (the server is the "server", 5 screens total). Synergy was initially installed on a 2008 Server (I believe), and worked fine until recently. Last month, my IT (I am at a firewalled university) has upgraded my server to a 2012 R12, upon which connections to the server from the clients started to time out. Packets seem to reach where they should in network settings (no changes there).

I found  that now there is a firewall switched on by default, and that I do not seem to have permissions to switch it off ('group policy', probably wise). However, I seem to be able to create custom rules for inbound connections (tried it randomly for an IP address, no permission errors). May I ask for an example of how to write a Synergy-specific rule over an IP address? Alternatively, if I install a new version of Synergy   would it be expected to set its own exception rules out of the box? (probably will have to pay an additional 29 quid to Nick Bolton, b.c. things has changed many times since then from private to business to private).


Any hints would be greatly appreciated. I am not a PC/IT person, but I think I can figure this out. Let me know what logs I can post to make this easier to solve.


Thank you in advance!

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