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Mouse being disconnected only when on the server screen

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This is a weird issue and not one I have been able to figure out for a long time, I've been using 1.10 and now updated to 1.11 to see if there would be any change. I have been using synergy 1 for a really long time and I use my Windows 10 computer as a server and normally only have one linux client connected for work. I use to think it was a problem with my computer but as time went on I narrowed it down to synergy, when it's running and my mouse is on the server screen it will get disconnected every couple of minutes, mouse will just stop working completely. Some times it stays unresponsive for 30 seconds before you hear the USB disconnect/reconnect sound and its all working again. If I move the mouse to the client screen it never has any issues. The problem happens when no client is connected too, if the server is just running in the background it will happen but if I shut it down it goes back to not having any issues. I have sifted through the logs and I don't see anything obvious, anyone have any suggestions?

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