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minor multi display layout feature request


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I know there have been a lot of (mostly answered) requests for a better multi monitor setup features but in all cases it included some kind of x session splitting, which i know it's not so trivial to implement.

What i'm requesting is merely a more fine-grained transition edge configuration, looking at synergy-core i'd say this is already supported but i'm guessing it's from the v2 part of the codebase, but i'd like to see it in v1 (i'm running 1.10)

My problem:
i have a server with multiple monitors and two laptops. My main server monitor is vertical and i have a laptop left of it. I plan to mount another screen over the laptop connected to the server.
Current configuration options only allow left-right or up-down transitions which would mean mousing left on a top screen would get me right on the laptop (or similar wrapping scenarios).

If i understand correctly synergy currently treats a multi display window session just as the GPU sees it (a huge screen) so connecting three 1920x1080 displays with the middle one vertical is seen as 1920x4920 display. Window manager allows for display positioning, so if my left display is aligned with the top of my middle vertical display, my mouse is allowed to pass left on top 1080px of my middle screen, but not bottom 840px so coordinates 0x1080 to 1920x1920 are essentially inaccessible

all my problems would go POOF if it were possible to put in the configuration (at least manually, without meddling with the GUI):
- if on main (server) you hit x:1080 on interval y:1081-1920 transition to right edge of laptop
- if on main (server) you hit y:1081 on interval x:0-1920 transition to the top edge of laptop
- somehow register those intervals to corresponding edges on the laptop (client)


so ... who do i have to get drunk to get that option implemented?


LP, Jure

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