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Issue with drag and drop OR mouse overing


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I have noticed that sometimes Synergy starts having some kind of memory leak where the following two points start occuring :

- mouse overing blocks of texts is glitchy (the mouse will release before I am done overing all the text I need for my copy and paste)

- drag and dropping application windows from one screen to another is glitchy (the mouse will release the window before it reaches its location)

Edit : the two points above happen when working in the same monitor. I don't need to switch between the two different monitors of different computers.

I fix the issues by restarting Synergy on one side or the other.

I use Synergy 1 Pro on Windows 10 Pro and both are updated to the latest builds.

Thank you

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Hi there! With this nature of issue, it'd be best for you to open a support ticket with Symless directly by visiting this link: https://symless.com/help

It's going to be extremely difficult to troubleshoot this nature of issue through a community discussion. If you wish to continue through this method of obtaining support, however, can you please send logs (preferably in something like a Pastebin)?

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I guess I will try to request help with the link you provided. The logs from Synergy don't provide much information to investigate.

Thank you.

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