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doesn't work from client to server, but does the other way

Yannick Koehler

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Yannick Koehler
Need help understanding and figuring that one out. I have a windows 10 on my left (client) and a mint linux on the right (server). Both running v1.7.3, if I use the keyboard/mouse of the windows pc I cannot go to my linux on the right, but if I use the linux keyboard, I can then use both PC properly. I double-checked my configuration, and had the same issue before the win10 update (was on win8.1). I have a very similar setup at work, using win7 without an issue. I am somewhat thinking the win8 charm bar was the problem but in win10 that no more exists and was hoping to see this issue disappear. If I enable on the client the debug2 level, there is actually no log emitted when I scroll on the right, my cursor behave as if it is staying controlled by windows, it disappear but moving the mouse normally back to the left make it reappear. Anyway, any help appreciated. Yannick
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