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Start on boot - OSX

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What is the best way to get Synergy to start as part of the boot process for OSX prior to user login?

My 2950x workstation is the server so having a second keyboard on the desk just so i can login and have the service start then is a pain i could do with out.

Is there a current workaround for it using Launchd or some other daemon that runs at boot?


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13 hours ago, Me! said:

This is ran at the user level.


I've used VNCViewer to remote in and start/login.

I'd like to run at the system level as part of boot. I suppose i could set up unattended access for team viewer however i believe that is all run at login and not boot. Does VNCviewer run prior to the User space? Also which VNC Viewer a quick google shows a bunch of different apps that search as VNC Viewer.

Thanks for responding :)




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