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Using special mouse features on multiple monitors


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After a couple re-starts, my Synergy is working well with two macs flanking an Ubuntu 18.01 box.

Question: I would love to be able to use my Razer mouse functionality (keys on the mouse) on different monitors. At present, the server has them mapped as specific keys, but they default to basic functions on the clients.


For example:

Hotkeys 1-7 simply show the digits 1-7 when clicked.

Tilting the scroll wheel left and right uses the keypad L and R.

Any thoughts onhow to re-map these?

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8 hours ago, Alexey Pilyaev said:

Can you please use link in my signature and place a ticket for us?

Maybe i’m a dumb dumb, but I cannot see your signature on mobile. I cannot successfully request the desktopsite.

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