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Cannot Find other computer (configure server)


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Hello @Une1

Looks like you have connection issue. Can you please use link in my signature and place a ticket for us? ( Please paste logs from both machines when you will place a ticket - it will really help us :) )

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@Une1 Sounds like a discovery issue. @JDDoesIT is onto something, it could be a firewall blocking Bonjour.

Assuming that your DHCP environment (auto-assignment of IP addresses) is fairly stable and doesn't reassign addresses too often, would it be possible for you to statically set those IP addresses? That should work. If not, try disabling firewalls on both systems and any network firewalls you might have that act on internal traffic temporarily and see if that fixes the issue. If so, create a firewall exception for Synergy and that should work.

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All firewalls have been disabled . I have started a ticket with Tech support as well . this is has been a week and it still doesn't seem to be working. 

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1.Tried the exceptions ran test and it seems like its more on the client side thats having the issues
2. Disabled All firewalls have/ Still no fix  . 

I have started a ticket with Tech support as well . it has been a week and it still doesn't seem to be working.
Day 1. I cannot seem to get the program to work at all.
I've checked my windows defender & it doesn't seem to be blocking it at all on both machines Im not running any other firewalls.
I've uninstalled synergy on both machines and re installed them to see if it could see the other computer on the configure screen & I haven't gotten anything.
Sent the log 
 Tech support Response:They asked for a screen shot of my setup
Day 2. The tell me to set things up
1. Open Synergy / Settings edit the screen name to "Server".
2. Hit Ok.
3. Hit Apply. Stop and close Synergy.

1. Open Synergy / Settings edit the screen name to "client".
2. Hit Ok.
3. Hit Apply. Stop and close Synergy.

Server-side again:
1. Open Synergy / Configure Server...
2. In the matrix shown, make sure to have the correct computer screen names in the layout and Ok and Apply (check step 4.1 from the attached guide).
My Response:Its not working. Once I hit apply in the matrix is there a another computer(client) automatically supposed to pop up next to the server side computer or do I have to drag a new one on to the matrix and then name it?
I have tested what you've suggested with both firewalls disabled  
Tech support response: Is this your personal Laptop or or corporate 
My response: Personal 

Day 3.My email :So as to get off your back & to resolve this issue of getting the system working. If I were to do a screen recording to show you the steps that im taking to get this to work what should I do?  Would it be going going through my firewall settings then back to synergy or.....?  
Tech support response:  
For testing purpose, have you tried disabling AV and Firewalls and check connectivity?
My response: Send screen shots showing that I already have given them the answer about my firewall

Day 4:

Oct 31, 08:21 EDT

Hi randy,

We're of course more than happy to give you a full refund. Would you like to go ahead with this?

Please let me know if you'd like help troubleshooting instead of a refund, or if there's anything else I can do to help.



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Are you using Synergy 1 or 2? That'll change significantly how you might want to go about fixing this. If you're using Synergy 2, please downgrade to Synergy 1 - Synergy 2 has tons of autoconfig problem and it's now a defunct project since they're working on the new major release.

If you're using Synergy 1 - please take a screen recording if that wouldn't be a problem with you. It'd be very helpful to see your Synergy settings and such. Upload it as an unlisted video to YouTube or another video sharing website. Thanks!

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Im currently using V1.10.3-stable-ca35737a
As well im going to work on screen recording both and uploading it to you
As well is bonjour necessary to run a stable connection. I just installed it on the client and it says connection established
Service status idle.
However on the same row that has   [Apply] [Stop] On the lower left hand corner it say synergy is starting.

Hit apply now its saying failed timed out .....

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