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Synergy 2 - Option to just use a local network (like synergy 1 had)

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On 10/8/2019 at 9:37 AM, marsairforce said:

I had been trying Synergy 2. But it is frustrating me to no end lately.

The main issue seems to be the control and connection link goes out from my local computer to the synergy cloud.

Security concerns about every key stroke I type going some place I have no idea what back end is being used to handle this aside,

The issue I am having lately seems to be when I bring a laptop home from work, when the synergy client was already connected from before it is not able to reconnect. It is like it is still trying to connect over the old connection from my office network. The experience I am expecting here would be something like immediately just works as if you reloaded a tab in a web browser. When your computer is on the network, it should just work.

Perhaps to add insult to injury. When I leave my synergy client on, and go to my office. It will sometimes connect and work OK right away. So I am at work and able to move my mouse off my screen and then i am controlling my deskop at home. Which is super not even helpful at all.

The second issue is lately if my internet connection is somewhat lagging, for example, downloading or uploading a file over slow DSL  the control channel for synergy v2 becomes unusable and I am not able to control the other comptuer properly.

I feel all these issues could be immediately remidied if I could just "use a local network please" option in synergy v2

I think the ability to just use a local network is not only a good idea, I would say it is vital to the success of Synergy 2.

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