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One-Way Clipboard Sync


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A feature I'd like to see that would actually make the clipboard sync feature useful for me is a "one-way" sync.

Here's what I mean. I copy text or a file on a client PC, and it copies it to the server's clipboard where I can paste it. However, if I copy anything on the server and then move back to a specific client, what I copied does NOT sync to the specific client device.

I'll give a real-world use case. I have a work PC as a client and my personal PC as a server. Sometimes, it's helpful to copy snippets of text and URLs from the work PC to the clipboard and move them over to my personal PC. However, there are some personal things I NEVER want syncing to the clipboard of the work PC.

As it stands to keep personal files or other data from accidentally being synced to the work PC, I have to completely disable the clipboard sync feature.

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Can you give an example that does not include clipboard history where this is an issue?

Also, what if the way that syncing worked was altered so that in order to paste from the other machine you had to use a Synergy contextual menu that brought up the option to pull from the other clipboard in real-time?

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