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Issue: Service start error on Windows

Nick Bolton

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So what is the correct VC++ redistributable?
I am using Windows 10 home x64. Synergy installation synergy_1.10.3-stable_b126-ca35737a_windows-x64.msi.

I have MSVCR110.dll but also have MSVCR120 in SxS.

Let me know if I can help resolving this (I have some time).

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  • Synergy Team
6 hours ago, Faisal Abbas said:

installing the latest VC++ redistributable fixed the issue

Thanks, yes this the correct solution. I have updated my first post.

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Hi guys

Synergy v1.11.0-rc2 is available for testing which includes the redistributable fix as well.

Here are the changes in this version.


  • #6518 Key combination that will force a server restart


  • #6588 Version number header with update check
  • #4957 Server fails to start up due to synwinhk.dll is in use

Bug fixes:

  • #5294 Cursor lockout at Windows server login screen
  • #6569 Unable to run on macOS 10.15 Catalina
  • #6561 Debian buster no longer supports CA key length of 1024
  • #6556 Function missing error from OpenSSL/TLS
  • #6575 Service start error on Windows
  • #6566 Debug message output mistakenly as info message
  • #5959 User interface failed to load local fingerprint

If you find a bug with this version, please submit an issue on GitHub, or contact support.



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