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Win+R or ctrl+alt+del on client windows does not work


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Hi all, 

synergy v:10.1.2-stable

server: fedora 30 64bit

client: Windows 10 pro 1903 64 bit. 

On the client side does NOT work Win+L it does not lock the screen also ctrl+alt+del to get to blue screen with the options. 

Another combination as win+d or win+r work just fine. 


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Was there a fix for this issue? I am missing my Win+L every time I get up from my workstation. HIPAA laws require us to lock our workstation each time we get up.  It's been a habit for years so now unable to do on the client with Synergy. I am having to use another keyboard just for this and to log back in when I get back.  Please help. 

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