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Automatically enable/disable Synergy based on connected network rule


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First of all, this software is amazing. I've got my laptop sitting on a docking station beside my desktop computer at home and during that time I find Synergy very convenient. However, when I take my laptop elsewhere away from my desktop and work with it, I have to manually disable synergy to prevent accidentally remote controlling my desktop at home.

I am suggesting a feature, that would enable Synergy users to add rules for automatically enabling/disabling Synergy on the Synergy clients. For example, in my use case a simple rule of "Disable/Enable Synergy on client {laptop-client} if connected to network: {network-name}".

What are your thoughts on this kind of functionality on Synergy?


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There's a good chance this'll be added amongst other things to the next major release of Synergy coming in the next few years.

For now, I suppose you could make a script that would monitor an interface for an address that's part of a particular IP subnet and when that condition is met, to kill the Synergy process(es).

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