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A Friendly Reminder about Necroposting...

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Kelvin Tran

Hey there, forum users!

I hope everyone's been able to use Synergy without much ire and that people who have experienced issues was able to get the help they needed through one of our various support channels (official ticketing system, Synergy forums, or Synergy Slack).

For users who want to get help through the Symless forums, we want to make sure that not only can they find posts about people who have similar issues to them so that they can contribute their opinions and experiences to it so that Symless staff are aware if it's a bug that urgently needs to be fixed, but so they can also sift through the replies.

Necroposting, defined as when a user (usually on a message board of some sort) posts on a post that is considered "stale" or "dead" as to make it prevalent on the main screen of the discussion category, makes it so newcomers to a post can't as easily find what they need to because often, these dead posts have a large number of replies.

As such, if you see a post that is several years old with no recent activity, please help us keep our forums organized for newcomers by leaving the post be and starting a new topic unless you were the one that started it and a situation has arisen where the same scenario is still an issue for you and no one has successfully helped you yet. If it's a similar issue but your case is different than theirs, please go ahead and start a different thread. It helps us keep the forums organized and well-kept for people looking for community resources on an issue and we'd greatly appreciate if you help us with this!

As always, please do not hesitate to message an active moderator with any questions.

Thank you!

Kelvin Tran

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