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Execute a command upon computer taking or losing focus

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The idea is very simple, I have two computers and prefer to use one monitor. The monitor has two HDMI inputs and surprisingly responds to VCP Control codes, but it only listens to the active HDMI input. Normally, I'd have AutoHotkey running the same "switch inputs" script (found here) on both PCs, but I'd have to take a blind guess that the PC I am switching to is behaving and that it has correct focus. This made me absolutely excited to see if you, the developers, would implement such a feature.

My suggestion is to have some kind of preference where a computer can either:

  • Run a command on the PC receiving focus (via cmd.exe in Windows or a shell command in Linux/Mac OS X)
  • Run a command on the PC that loses the focus

Anyways, I understand this is pretty niche, but I can't be the only one that would like to extend and customize what happens on the computer they switch to! Any suggestions? Is there already a way to do this or has someone found another method more convenient? Thanks for reading.

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