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Mouse doesn't align with right-side monitor

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I have two PC's side by side.

When i move the mouse from the Server (left) to the client (Right side) the mouse cursor doesn't immediately appear.

Instead, the mouse cursor seems to be way below the right-hand monitor and i have to scroll way up before it appears.

Before you ask; Yes, the server setup has the machines side-by-side (client machine is immediately to the right of server machine)Ā .

Thanks in advance.

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Sure, my server is a Mac (Mojave 10.14), and the client is Ubuntu 18.04.

It's actually only mis-aligned the first time iĀ move the mouseĀ over after either machine has been asleep - so, not so big of a deal now

that i know how/where to look for the mouse cursor. But it did lead me to think Synergy wasn't working at all until i was able to locate the cursor.


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