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Mouse Freezes with KDE (Ubuntu) Client using Drag and Drop


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I've been enjoying using Synergy 1 for several years, with a Windows host and a Linux development machine.  I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04 running KDE Plasma 5.12 and I've been having some hiccups with Synergy  (1.10.1) ever since.

Basically, whenever I try to drag and drop Qt/KDE object (Konsole tab, file in Dolphin) the mouse freezes for 5-10 seconds.  I'm not seeing the client disconnect in either log, but if set the level to Debug2 I get many instances of the same message around the time I try to drag and drop:

[2019-04-02T20:36:14] DEBUG2: can't read property 602 on window 0x0280003f

GTK or Gnome based programs do not seem to suffer the same issue.  That is, I can switch to the Ubuntu/Gnome session and drag and drop files fine, but if I start up Dolphin within Gnome the same issue occurs.  CPU usage is generally high when moving the mouse around (~50% of a core), but that's true even when not dragging and dropping.

Not sure what else I can look at to try and debug.  Any suggestions?



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