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Synergy stopped working when Internet connection lost

Andy Hall

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I have been running Synergy 2.0 12-beta for months on a pair of machines running Window 10 Pro,  While I occasionally have to restart Synergy because cut'n'paste between machines stops working or a update to Windows 10 doesn't go exactly right, it works reasonably well.

However, today I lost my Internet connection and Synergy completely stopped working.  When I brought up the UI it displayed a message "There was a problem connecting to the auto-config service. Retry",  Restarting the Synergy services on both machines did not clear this condition. 

What surprised me was Synergy recovered on its own after my Internet service was restored. Could it be that Synergy 2.0 requires Internet service to operate?  If so, it would be nice to have a way around this dependency.

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This is a deal breaker for me.

My work environment's network is locked down by corporate with 802.1x security - to get to the internet I need to VPN into the office network I'm on. The VPN to the network prevents local network access. Synergy 2.0 requires BOTH now - it won't just connect over internet only (that would work) or just local only (that would work), but needs to both have internet access at all time, and local network access at all times, which my office won't supply. To access the local subnet without the VPN security, I can't have internet access, to have internet access, I can't access networked computers.

Please, just include a simple cached "config" setting so that after I've initially connected to the internet to get my config, I can continue using my local network without always on internet access. For crying out loud, the configs are totally static, and when I shut down the network to do things on an internal LAN, tunneling traffic to the internet is just a ridiculous requirement to use a local service.

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This is extremely important to me also, for similar reasons. There needs to be a way to support computers on a network that has no internet connection.

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