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keyboard does not work: client=macOS mojave, server=Ubuntu 18.04

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  • Server
    • Ubuntu 18.04
    • synergy 1.10.1.stable~b81+8941241e
  • Client
    • macOS mojave 10.14.3
    • synergy 1.10.1-stable_b87-8941241e

Successfully connect and mouse pointer and clipboard are shared between server and client, but nothing is input when I hit the keyboard.

The following is debug log on client (macOS) side on typing key 'a'.

[2019-03-13T22:16:56] DEBUG1: recv key down id=0x00000061, mask=0x0000, button=0x0026
[2019-03-13T22:16:56] DEBUG: can't get the active group, use the first group instead
[2019-03-13T22:16:56] DEBUG1: mapKey 0061 (97) with mask 0000, start state: 0000
[2019-03-13T22:16:56] DEBUG1: key 0061 is not on keyboard
[2019-03-13T22:16:56] DEBUG1: recv key up id=0x00000061, mask=0x0000, button=0x0026


By the way, with synergyc 1.3.1 (built by me a long time ago) and synergys 1.10.1, mouse pointer and keyboard are shared but clipboard does not shared.



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