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Mac OS F keys - Launchpad, Mission Control etc

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I have a Windows PC server and MacBook Air client.

The MacBook has the F keys mapped to specific functions such as F3 = Mission Control, F4 = Launchpad

When I press these keys from the PC's keyboard, nothing happens.

Is it possible to trigger the correct action on the MacBook?

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On my MacBook, I have to hit the Fn key at the same time as let's say, F4 to access some of those special functions.  So, you'd need to map the Fn key in Synergy to something.

Are you using Synergy 1 or 2?

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I have my Mac configured to use the Fn options by default, and I have to use the Fn key to get actual F1 etc.

This is how it was by default on mine.

Synergy 1

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