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Mouse Pointer Issues


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Synergy is a great program.. but, no matter how many times I try, I can't solve the problem of the mouse defaulting to the center of the screens I'm not currently controlling.  Of course, the best functionality would be for the mouse pointer ONLY appearing on the current screen.  Has anyone else dealt with this and solved it successfully?  My current set up is I have a Mac as the primary computer and three PCs stacked after that. 

I'm using the latest release of Synergy 2


thank you


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We certainly don't want you to be experiencing such an issue. However, I just have to ask, out of pure curiosity, in what applications does this behavior become an issue? Or is it something visually unsettling? (I get it if it's the latter, I do it too!)

Let's try this. Try connecting your mouse and keyboard to Windows momentarily if possible and controlling the other devices from that. Does this issue still occur? I presume logs won't be very useful in this situation, but you can send them if you wish!

Let me know! :) 

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I use my monitors for television.  So, the mouse in the middle of the screen is not gonna work.  I'll start an interview on the monitor I need.. then go to a different monitor to answer emails or do whatever else as the interview is playing.  Need the mouse to only be on the monitor I'm mousing (not a word) on.  Also, at times, when switching screens, the mouse starts in the middle of the screen instead of at the beginning of the screen on the edge.  When I start on a windows machine, the Mac and the Host are fine -- still another computer down the like is flakey.  The mouse wasn't there at first.. but, then showed up a minute later.  Very strange.  

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