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Connectivity Issues with correct settings

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I've been experiencing a strange issue with Synergy 1 for the past few months.

I use Synergy around once per week - when I first got it it worked without issue, but starting mid December I need to go through a seemingly random process of starting and stopping my synergy server (on Windows 10) and client (on Mac OS Mojave). I know my settings work since eventually it will connect and work fine - but I've just been through 20 mins of restarting the program (and restarting my macbook - which really isn't ideal for my work) to get it to connect.

The logs will sometimes show the server/client detected when not working and the error I see is a timeout when trying to connect.. I'd upload some logs now but don't want to disconnect it to replicate the issue now I have it working.

Has anyone had a similar issue - or have ideas to what could be the issue?

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I'm not sure if related - but if I change the port on the windows server, the mac still 'detects' it - but when trying to connect tries to use the old port. I can't see anywhere to set this on the mac client.

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