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Keep synergy server running with monitor off on Linux


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Hi everyone


the issue I have I couldn’t find on the forum, but then again, I believe my setup is a little odd.

first things first: I am new to this forum, but not new to synergy - have been using it for at least three years now. Recently I have changed my setup a bit.

i have a wireless keyboard which used to be connected to my Mac and running synergy server, the client being a windows machine.

the disadvantage of that was, that when I need to use my windows machine only and the Mac is either shut off or - it’s a laptop - is even still in my bag, I would need to plug in the wireless dongle into the windows machine and back if I need to use 2 computers again. So I created a new setup.


i have a Linux machine which acts as a server for all sorts of stuff. An old netbook, which might be part of the problem.

this netbook is the synergy server and both Mac and win are clients. Works well, except that the monitor of the Linux netbook is always on. If I shut the monitor down through energy saving, it immediately wakes up, even when moving the mouse in one of the clients windows. I tried shutting it down with xrandr, but then the mouse is trapped on the client and the keyboard doesn’t work at all.


I can imagine that synergy somehow depends on x window, so running synergy in the background might not be possible, but is there a way I can shut off the monitor but keep synergy full functional?


hope someone has an idea, thanks!


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