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My solution of the mouse lagging

KL Tang

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Conclusion first, the cause of my mouse lagging on a Windows 10 client is a dictionary app (Eudic) which has a on-screen word capture function.

I have been using Synergy for more than two years. At the beginning, I used Synergy 1 between a MacBook Pro (host) and a Windows desktop. Everything worked fine. When Synergy 2 came out, I immediately bought a key. It worked too.

Last new year eve, my MBP died. I bought a Windows 10 laptop. At the meantime, I also changed a wifi router at home. I used my new laptop as the host and the old windows 10 desktop as a client. However, the mouse lagging appear. The mouse stopped moving one second every ten second on the client. I re-installed both Synergy 1 and 2 many times. I searched solutions in this forum. One mainstream solution is to connect both machines to a wired network. Sadly, my desktop is 30 feet away from the router. I tried my old router and a new router. The problem was still there. I was almost giving up.

Yesterday, I boot up my client but did not login. I found the mouse cursor ran smoothly without any lagging. However, after logging in, the problem appeared again. I thought that it could be a problem with the auto-start apps. I tried to turn them off one-by-one. Finally, I found that the dictionary app is the cause. The app worked fine in a MBP (host) + Windows 10 setting. Therefore, I did not notice the problem can be related to apps. Now, my machines are running Synergy 2 smoothly.

I am not say that all mouse lagging are caused by apps, but you can give it a shot! At least, temporarily, I solved my lagging issue.

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