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Mouse cursor vanishing until service restart when machines are user-locked

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Wondering if I'm the only person running into this.  Have searched through the forums, and found similar, but not identical behavior.

Force of habit, I lock both the client, and server machines when I'm not at my keyboard.
By lock, I mean user account lock-out, or windows-key+L, or ^+command+Q on OSX.  I use a script, or desktop shortcut to achieve the same locking on the synergy client machine(s), since the keyboard shortcuts always lock the synergy server machine.

Now, if come back and try to control the client while the server is still locked / login screen is up, the mouse cursor vanishes and won't re-appear until I re-start the synergy service on the client.

Keyboard control remains, so I can navigate well enough pull up a command window and execute a restart of the service, so it's a pretty minor inconvenience.

I can reliably replicate this behavior between Windows 7, Windows 10, and OSX High Sierra machines. All running v2.0.12 beta.

I can also reliably avoid this behavior, if I login to/un-lock the synergy server machine first. Then everything behaves normally.

Any ideas?

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