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multiple client copies on Ubuntu

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I tried many time to get stable Synergy 2 running on both Linux and Windows, all would be fine, then it would crash and be difficult to restart on all machines.  I went back to Synergy 1, 1.10.1-stable build Aug. 28.  Now, everything starts up fine, after a while the connection either fails completely on  the Linux machine (Windows is the server) or becomes flaky.  Almost every time I look into this situation, one or more additional client copies have started on the Linux machine.  If I kill off the extra copies,  I usually get back to working.

PS. this is at home, I have used Synergy in my office for many years.  It is quite disappointing how many times I have had to try and debug failed connection at home. I am now using a hardware USB switch.

Any help, greatly appreciated.

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