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Latency over Wifi - Solved with LAN??


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I have a Macbook & Win10 notebook. Both HAVE TO be connect to the 5Ghz-Router with WiFi for an internet connection (would be never possible to setup an LAN cable from the location of the laptops and the wifi-router)...With that current setup it's not really possible to work (mouse & keyboard have way to high latency) 


My Questions:

Is it somehow possible to connect the two laptops via LAN-cable (for latency-free symless) + Wifi (for the internet connection) at the same time??


Thanks alot in advance! 

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Daniel Alarcon

Hello @OstNord, Yes, this is possible, you can connect both to a LAN, which will give a set of IP addresses, and you can use WiFi for the Internet. In this scenario, you can use the LAN IP addresses to connect Synergy.

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