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Hotkey Not Sending to Client


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Hello everyone,

I've been using Synergy 1 Basic for a couple months now and have been loving it. Today I tried to dabble a bit into hotkeys but couldn't seem to get it to work.

For this, let's call my server PC1, and my client PC2. I want to create a hotkey that sends mouse button 3 (clicking the mouse wheel) from PC1 to PC2 as keystroke F12. I used the hotkey tab within server configuration to create just that. Hotkey: mousebutton(3), Actions: keystroke(F12,PC2).

However, when I okay the server configuration and apply the changes to synergy, even restarting my PCs just to be safe, the hotkey does not appear to work. I tried clicking mouse button 3 on both PCs just to see if I mapped it wrong, but that didn't seem to do anything. I tried changing mouse button 3 to a regular keystroke such as "q". Still no luck. Even tried saving my configuration file and editing it manually, mousebutton(3) = keystroke(F12,PC2).

Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks for the help ahead of time!

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Update: Kind of weird, but I've somewhat figured out the issue? When I create the hotkey, Synergy is definitely registering the middle mouse wheel click as mouse button 3. However, when actually put to practice, it's sending a mouse button 2 (right mouse click) to PC2...

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