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client problem

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Hello, it's like 3 months i'm using synergy 1 with no problems but now when i play any videogame on the server pc which is 3 monitors with windows 10 the client pc that has the same configuration after some minutes like 10/20 everything freeze i can't do anything except for shut it down manually. 

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I guess there could be two ways that you can prevent that from happening.

First is to check if you can lock your mouse scrolls (scroll lock) while you're on your game machine. This should prevent your mouse to jump in to your recording machine.

Second, you can set a one screen gap between your machines on your server's configuration interface (in the Hotkeys tab). Then, you can set hotkeys to switch screens while on the other one. I actually have my configuration set up that way. I use Alt+1 to jump from my client's screen to the server's screen and the other way around using Alt+2.

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