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Kelvin Tran

Hey guys,

I'm back to the forums! Yay!

I'd like to use this post to emphasize the importance that support requests and posts go where they belong.

If you are posting about Synergy 1, it goes in the "General Discussion" forum.

If you are posting about Synergy 2, it goes in the "Early Access Beta" forum.

Any feature requests for either branch goes in "Feature Ideas".

Please understand the distinction. I've seen many posts about S2 that are being posted in General Discussion. If you have a question about Synergy 2, ensure that it goes in the Early Access Beta forum.

This prevents moderators and other staff like myself from having to go through and move the S2 posts to the appropriate forum to ensure that we have a forum that is organized and most optimal for community discussion.

Stay productive with the software KVM solution that lets you be the most seamless you!

Thank you,

Kelvin Tran

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