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Can I control the client while remoting into it via RDP from another computer?


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Hello, this has been a hellish problem for me forever and finally tonight I purchased Synergy as my last resort thinking it'd work.

I feel like my usage is simple, I need to remote desktop into a headless Windows 10 computer from my personal Win 10 desktop and then be able to control the headless one via a separate keyboard and mouse.

I've tried sharemouse and mouse without borders and both seem to work up until I RDC into the client computer, then the mouse/keyboard input from the server doesn't work anymore. I bought Synergy and downloaded Synergy 1 on both computers and it works fine, but EXACTLY like mouse without borders and other programs, the moment I RDP into the client computer and it stops displaying the keyboard/mouse inputs from the Synergy server. While the log still shows it's moving over to that screen and is connected, there are no visual inputs working - like the RDP program completely overrides Synergy.

Computer 1 uses Win10 RDP to connect to Computer 2, Computer 2 has Synergy 1 setup as the client. Computer 3 is the Synergy server, I want to be able to use the mouse/keyboard from Computer 3 to control Computer 2 while it's connected to Computer 1 via RDP. 

Please don't reply with suggestions like to use VNC or a KVM switch, I love how quick and responsive the native Windows Remote Desktop Connection program works. I can watch Xfinity streams, movies, play music, etc... all without any lag through RDP. It's like having a capture card over LAN, except the only issue is that I can't use the keyboard/mouse on the connected computer while it's in RDP. So if I'm playing a game in full screen, I need to alt+tab over to the RDP program just to change the volume or whatever, then alt+tab back into my game.

This is why I've desperately been searching for a mouse/keyboard sharing program that still works through RDP. This way I can easily move my hands to a second keyboard and mouse that controls the computer in the RDP session.

Thanks for the help if you can provide it, otherwise I'll have to refund Synergy soon because (at this point) nothing can help me solve this.

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