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gnome super key not send to client

Bart van Leeuwen

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Bart van Leeuwen

Hi I just upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04 with Normal GNOME and installed Synergy 1.10.1 from the website

I have 2 issues,

  1. it seems that I sometimes can only switch from my top workspace to my 2nd screen
  2. my gnome super key ( windows key ) is not send to the client so when the client is active and I hit the windows key, gnome on my host system acts on the super key

the client is a Ubuntu 16.04 with 1.10.1 ( https://symless.com/synergy/download/direct?platform=ubuntu&architecture=x64 )

Up to today I used 1.8.8 with both systems on 16.04 without any issues.

Please suggest actions to take..


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