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Nice to have features on Windows


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I use Synergy 2.0.12 (beta) on my 3 Windows PCs. It realy works fine for me.

As a Windows User I would like to see some Features, which are:

Checkbox (Synergy Tray) "Autostart when Windows launches" + "Minimize Window to Tray on Start"
Configurable Keymapping to "Disable/Enable Synergy"

Copy/Paste - which may be comming with version 2.1

Fixing this Issue:
One of my PCs is running permanently (aka LEFT) - the other is turned off every night. (aka RIGHT)
After start of "RIGHT" I can move the mouse to "LEFT" but mouse clicks and Keyboard are NOT working.
To fix this I have to start Synergy-config.exe on "RIGHT" - then rightclick on the (LEFT) PC + "Share from LEFT" and then rightclick on the (RIGHT) PC + "Share from RIGHT".
After that mouse-clicks and Keyboard work on both PCs.

Hmmm ... hope this is not to confusing. At least I still know what I meant.

Nothing above is urgent and can be ready when it is ready.



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If I'm understanding correctly...

Unless you're trying to turn the autostart feature off, Synergy already starts the synergyc service automatically and minimizes the GUI to the Win tray.

The configurable keymapping, not only for disabling and enabling Synergy functionality, but for a bunch of the functions in the application would be nice.

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for me the Tray- Application (Synergy Helper?) does not automatically start with the synergyc service after system boot.

I have to manually start "synergy-config.exe". Yes, I could put it into windows autostart - so this feature is "nice to have" to do it on it self.


As you seem to be confident, that it should be running, I will uninstall und reinstall to see, if I failed install is the reason.

Have to be at home ... I'll tell you my results.



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