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Multi monitor setup


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Looking for guidance on how I can set up Synergy with my multi monitor setup.

I have a Samsung super ultra wide monitor on the bottom. On top of it there are 2 Dell widescreen monitors.

System 1 is a Windows PC with resolution of 3840x1920. System 2 is another Windows PC with 1920x1200. System 3 is a Mac with 1920x1200.

How do I set up the layout of Synergy so on the left half of Samsung monitor if I move up, it takes me to Sys2 and on the right half of the monitor, it takes me to Sys3? Note, prior to Sys3 being a Mac, i was using Microsoft Mouse Without Borders (guilty, I know) and that was letting me set up screen arrangement based on resolution.


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You can do this with Synergy by editing the synergy.sgc file on the server. It's a simple text file with configuration options for stuff like this. The configuration docs are here and you're looking specifically for the example under Links with ranges. This is actually almost exactly what you're after. Play with it.


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