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Synergy did not show the correct IP to input into client. Had to use the one in Preferences>Network.


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I wanted to use my MacBook Air as a server and a Mac Desktop in my office as a client. Both are connected to the university network. My server IP on my laptop was 192.168.x.x and I could not get the client to connect to it when I entered that info on the desktop (client). I looked in the network pane in preferences on my laptop and saw that it listed my IP as 10.11.x.x which I entered into the client instead of the synergy suggested one and it worked immediately.

I'm sure this is because I'm on the university network as this has never happened at my house or any other place I've used Synergy but I thought I'd point it out.

Synergy Version: 1.10.1-stable-8941241e

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This is what Synergy showed:


This is what Preferences > Networks showed


I believe the problem was that synergy did not refresh on my mac (server). Even when I selected client and then selected server again, it still showed the incorrect IP address which is the IP address from my residence and not at the university.

If I quit synergy and then start it up again, it displays the correct IP (seen below)5be1abe200ea4_ScreenShot2018-11-06at9_48_35AM.png.bd680fab609f1c4753c610ec18030775.png

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Auto Config is not enabled. It is also visible in the screenshots as it asks me to enable it but I wasn't able to figure out from the documentation what exactly it did.

When I enabled it in the past, I had to disable it in order to change the server from a windows computer at the university to the windows computer at my residence. I tend to use my MacBook as a server in my office and as a client in my lab and at my residence.

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what do you want me to do after enabling it??

I enabled it and the IP is still the same. It should be different now since I'm in another building and Preferences shows my IP to be something other than what Synergy suggests it is.

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do you want me to do something specific when collecting logs? right now they don't show anything I'm not using synergy right now it just shows the server starting. 

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