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Synergy loses connection and needs to force quit on macbook if closing the lid

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Server: desktop with Windows 10 1803, running Synergy v2.0.12 (beta)
Client: macbook pro with macOS Mojave 10.14, running Synergy v2.0.12 (beta)

Since I have Synergy running on my macbook which I bring with me everywhere I go, everytime I close the laptop or leave the network and then return, the Synergy service can't seem to recover and re-establish a connection with the desktop. Sometimes the Synergy icon from the top menu is missing in macOS, sometimes opening Synergy only shows the macbook and not the desktop that I previously had a connection to. I often have to open Activity Monitor on macos and force quit the synergy-config task which seems to restart the synergy service and get things working again.

I can't see any consistency with this. Sometimes it works after closing the lid, sometimes it doesn't

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I have the same issue. Even ctrl+F5 doesn't resolve the problem, it requires a full reboot :(

I still prefer this to switching everything back to Synergy 1, I really only use my MacBook for meetings and iMessage. Server: Ubuntu 18.04

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