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I like the concept of Synergy, it's really useful. Getting synergy 1 to work seems more difficult because of the VPN (and I'm worried me hopping locations will also mean I have to reconfigure - maybe I'm just an idiot but it feels like I'd need to spend a good while figuring out and setting it up) so I went with synergy 2 which does all the routing for me.

The problem is, it seems rather glitchy, the mouse lags a lot - I expected maybe not flawless control but this lag is ridiculous and quite often it disconnects. Is this a common issue and does it exist in S1? The cursor also goes into the middle which is quite annoying if you have split applications as it'll try and show the resize cursor and constantly blink (but I've already emailed regarding this). Do most of the community use S1 - is it worth me investing my time trying to get that to work?

I've also noticed that when W10 takes control of the OSx side, sometimes double clicking (or even single clicking maybe?) highlights text and it's almost impossible to deselect it without the osx' mouse override and doing it via that.

S2 doesn't seem to have configurable key mappings either (a bit irrelevant).

My setup is W10 and OSX High Sierra.

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Nick Bolton

Synergy 2 Beta is generally glitchy (particularly because of the issues you mentioned). We need to go back to the drawing board and re-design a significant amount of it.

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